About us

Born in the North West and now shipping across the globe on a daily basis, One Athletic is the clothing range that’s not just a clothing range.

Taking ‘athleisure’ to the next level, One Athletic is fashion and function, style and substance. It’s about attitude not appearance. Specialising in male and female active-lifestyle clothing, the One Athletic logo is worn as a badge of honour in gyms, at expos and shows, and on the street.

Choosing only the best quality and cut of fabric, One Athletic hoodies, joggers, tees, leggings, vests, and shorts are designed to same high standards we hold ourselves to as a company and a worldwide brand.

One Athletic is a team, and each and every one of us has a duty within the fashion and fitness community. We wear the OA badge with pride; spreading the message of inclusivity, inspiration, and education.

#OneAthletic #StandForSomething #StandAsOne