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One Athletic

OA CHALLENGER Mk I Training Glove - Strap - Silver/Black

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Our One Athletic Challenger Mk1 intermediate moulded glove, crafted from matte PU leather with shock absorbing EVA padding to protect your hands & knuckles during combat whilst absorbing shock. 

  • Double layered elasticated wrist strap for full user adjustability. Perfect for bag work, pad work and training
  • Enhanced air ventilation mesh with sweat wicking technology.
  • EVA padding provides ultimate shock absorbency with a foam palm that cushions against heavy blows.

Why settle for less? Get the best gloves available for wether your sparring, training or bag work. Don’t settle for less, we have you covered at One Athletic.

Available in three colours and various OZ. 

The number of ounces does not refer to the size of your hand as one size fits all. The number of ounces refers to the weight of each glove, which indicates how much padding remains between your hand and the opponent or the punching bag.